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This elbow brace is a revolutionary new device that comfortably supports the elbow using the strength of the wearer’s arm and forearm. Using it, wearers can experience the support of the end of the range-of-motion of the elbow. It offers bilateral options, providing compression and warmth to allow the elbow to heal faster after an injury or surgery.

How Is The  Brace Constructed

Some medical braces can be uncomfortable, unwieldy, or simply hard to put on. However, the TRU-RANGE is different. It’s lightweight, made of nylon, neoprene, neoprene nylon, and rubber, and it’s comfortable, and can be adjusted to fit people of any size, up to 2xl and 50″ or more check size.

The materials used to create the TRU-RANGE are lightweight, without adding undue pressure to the elbow. In addition, the structure of the brace itself mimics the body’s natural joint movement while maintaining support that doesn’t stress the joints, ligaments, and tendons unduly.

Who Should Use The TRU-RANGE Brace?

This brace is a top-quality brace, ideal for a variety of different applications. This versatility, coupled with the durable material and easy-to-wear technology, encourages users to wear the brace more, speeding healing time. People who have muscle strains or subluxations will benefit from the device, as will those recovering from surgery. The OSKIE can also be used for post-surgery recovery, allowing the were to return to work or school easily. Also, those with rotator cuff deceleration and shoulder joint instabilities can find relief using the OSKIE.

The TRU-RANGE is Easy To Put On, Over Or Under Clothing

To don, the OSKIE brace, place the injured arm inside of the supportive sleeve. Then, secure the hook-and-loop strap above the elbow, adjusting it for comfort and correct fit. Finally, close the supportive hook-and-loop underneath the opposite arm, using the strap. The makers of the OSIKE have created a tutorial video to help wearers correctly wear the brace and it can be found below:

  1. Unfasten and loosen straps
  2. Align hinge with center of involved elbow joint
  3. With uninvolved hand, pull straps around involved arm and fasten straps starting closest to elbow and working out, tightening to desired comfort level
  4. To adjust range of motion, press the flexion and/or extension button(s) and rotate until desired degree is achieved


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