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Shoulder braces help stabilize the shoulder joint and expedite the healing process after an injury. Choosing the right supportive brace, however, is vital for a successful healing process. Covenant Medical Supplies specializes in the supply of medical equipment, including knee braces, back braces, and shoulder braces. Call now to verify your insurance and place an order for your shoulder braces.

Benefits of the Metforce Shoulder Brace

The SFAST seeks to satisfy the needs that previous shoulder-bracing devices failed to meet. This product delivers bilateral compression, making it perfect for both the right and left shoulder. In addition, the brace’s lightweight design ensures excellent support without straining the injured shoulder. The material is also breathable to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather and allow you to wear the supportive brace for long.

The SFAST shoulder brace is available in various sizes to cater to the needs of different people. Further, the polyurethane strap assumes your body’s natural movement without compromising the quality of support. Finally, the simple-to-fit design makes it easy to set up and adjust for long-lasting stability.

A good shoulder brace can improve posture, provide shoulder support, keep the shoulder well-positioned, and facilitate the healing process in case of an injury. In a nutshell, the SFAST shoulder brace is an innovative solution made from durable materials, which keeps the product strong and ensures optimal support for the best results.

About the METFORCE SFAST® Shoulder Brace

This shoulder-bracing device can be used to help reduce discomfort and help strengthen the shoulder after an injury. Below are some typical uses of shoulder braces.

  • Muscle strains: When you have suffered a muscle strain, the shoulder support will add compression to the affected area and limit your range of motion. This support helps to lower the risk of further damage to your shoulder.
  • Post-surgery recovery: After undergoing surgery on your shoulder, your doctor may recommend wearing this device to protect the injured shoulder and promote faster recovery. The support brace will immobilize your shoulder to prevent any accidental movement.
  • Rotator cuff deceleration: Acceleration-deceleration can result in a traumatic tear of the rotator cuff, resulting in pain. This shoulder brace is designed to support the arm and reduce gravity-induced stress to keep the muscles in the shoulder from stretching unnaturally.
  • Shoulder joint instabilities: In addition to physical therapy, your doctor may suggest the device to control pain and provide stability. The shoulder brace will assist in preventing pain and further injury.
  • Subluxations: This shoulder brace can help to decrease the risk of recurrent dislocations. It can also be used to ensure even distribution of weight and restrict excessive movement about the shoulder.


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