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Does Medicare Pay For Medical Braces?

Insurance-backed braces are exactly what it means. Your medical insurance pays for your medical braces’ cost, so you don’t have to pay the money from your pocket. Several medical insurance plans include coverage that can pay the cost of your medical braces. This includes the usual Medicare (Part A, B, C & D), Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plan.

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, your coverage can pay for the back and leg braces prescribed as necessary by a licensed physician. Part A will also pay for your braces if you are hospitalized. However, they cover part of the cost, so you will pay the remaining amount with your money or purchase Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plans.

These two offer more money to pay for what Medicare Parts A and B don’t, such as copays and deductibles.

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A brace can provide the support and comfort needed for quick recovery. As medical equipment, physicians can prescribe braces for various uses, including immobilizing injured areas, elongating the spine, improving posture, reducing back, leg and ankle pain and stabilizing the back following surgery. Braces can also substitute surgery and assist in providing comfort for movements like walking, sitting and standing. They can be prescribed for people of all ages, but are widespread among seniors and athletes because of their predisposition to injuries that require braces for recovery.







How to qualify for a
Medicare Covered Backed Brace?

While Medicare and other insurance plans have coverage for braces, not all qualify. There are various prequalification conditions one must meet for medical insurance to pay for the cost of braces. Standard requirements include:

  • The brace has to be prescribed as necessary by a licensed doctor
  • The brace must provide therapeutic value to users
  • The brace must be prescribed for regular use
  • The healthcare provider and brace supplier must accept Medicare assignment

Other medical insurance plans may have extra requirements, so it is essential to understand how your coverage works.


Do you need effective pain relief but are worried about the cost? You might be covered by Medicare to receive pain relieving braces that will help you add more physical activity into your daily routine.Our team has years of experience in orthopedic support and will help you find a solution that is tailored directly to your needs.

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